BroadCable BizNex 4MBPs Plan


Working at home is so much better with BizNex Plan 4MBPs! Start-up your successful business venture by getting this fast, reliable broadband Internet and cable television bundle.

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BroadCable BizNEX Plan 4MBPs

Cable Television and Broadband Internet Bundle

Monthly Service Fee: 3,052

Plan Features:

 Cable Television Subscription

Broadband Internet Access up to 4MBPs

Good for 3 to 6 Smart Devices, Laptops and PCs

Great starting package for Home Office or Small Office

Broadband Internet access with YouTube Accelerator

Product categories

BroadCable Communications, Inc.

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Contact Numbers:
Landline: (045) 343-4580
Mobile: 0923-726-3186 or 0998-565-5518 or 0917-586-1966